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Is Vapor Abrasive Blasting Safe for Exterior Historical Wood?

Why does paint fail? Why is proper preparation important to wood preservation? Why do traditional wood preparations fail?


Wood does have one fault; it can rot. If water penetration raises the moisture content above a critical level (around 20%), the timber can be attacked by various moulds and fungi and start to rot: it is, after all, biodegradable.


There are also many types of beetles and their grubs that can weaken and destroy the integrity of wood if its moisture levels are suitable. Furthermore, wood will also gradually degrade when it is exposed to sunlight. This is because one of its main components, cellulose, undergoes auto-oxidation in the presence of UV radiation in sunlight, leading to surface bleaching. (Cellulose itself does not absorb UV, but lignin, hemi-celluloses and some dyes and pigments cause cellulose to deteriorate because they act as photo-sensitisers, absorbing UV radiation and transferring the energy. As a result some of the long molecular chains of cellulose break up, weakening the material.) As this only occurs at the surface it generally does not affect the structural integrity of the timber (see ‘The Effects of Daylight‘ by Rebecca Ellison in The Building Conservation Directory 2000


Is of most importance for proper exterior wood preparation prior to painting to preserve historical exterior wood. Interior wood preservation is focused on preserving the patina or the surface of the wood.


Exterior historical architecture woodwork does not have the same blessings as interior work. Exterior historical architectural woodwork is exposed to heat, cold, dampness, freezing, drying, ultraviolet rays, fungi, mould, beetles and grubs, carpenter ants and termites.


New paints and finishes are designed to withstand the ultraviolet rays and weather better than ever.


Proper wood preparation requires that all the UV Sun damaged cellulose fibers be removed prior to priming with paint. There is only one technology created by Grayco that helps remove the damaged cellulose surface assisted by vapor abrasive blasting. Blasted Paint has the latest technology in paint removal in Louisville Kentucky Call now! Blasted Paint ..David 502-599-0020

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