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Is It The Paints Fault, Or The Painter?

High Pressure Washing Fail


The picture above shows loose paint removal by high pressure washing. We are not knocking pressure washers, they have their place. But we would like to point out something. The dark wood has not been cleaned of all damaged surface fibers. See the green mold? See the new wood? That is the only spot the new Paint won’t fail. Why?


Or Did the paint fail?


Maybe, maybe not? These are the undersides of debris after high pressure washing.  Look closely, all the paint is intact but why did it peel? See all the black wood fibers? The paint adhered fine, but not to good wood fibers. The damaged wood fibers that were not previously removed separated from themselves. The paint was not the fault. Vapor abrasive media blasting will remove all damaged wood fibers With black mold so that paint can adhere to the good wood and do the job it is designed to do.

Peeling paint, black mold and UV damaged wood fibers were never removed. So the surface preparation method was the problem, Vapor Abrasive Blasting is the solution.

 Proper surface preparation is the best way to preserve your assets and help reduce peeling, cracking paint. Blasted Paint has the solution by removing stubborn flaking, peeling paint and black UV damaged cellelous wood fibers..

Simply put Vapor Abrasive Media Blasting is preparing a surface for a paint coating in a way that allows the coating to best adhere.

Many techniques with some sucess can be used and a few examples would be scraping, grinding, wire brushing or sanding. None of which are effective methods to remove all the paint and damaged wood fibers from the surface.

Vapor abrasive media blasting can gently remove paint, with our patented system. Black mold & UV damaged wood fibers once removed, expose new wood surfaces for the proper application of primers and paint to adhere too.

Blasted Paint’s, vapor abrasive media blasting technologies consistently prepares the surface for paint better than any other hand tool used by painting contractors. We can safely reduce the lead paint by over 90% on the exterior wood’s surface.

Vapor abrasive blasting also cleans the wood surface for primer better than common practices used now by painting contractors.

The results lower maintenance and your assets preserved. This eliminates continuous crackling and peeling on exteriors.

Blasted paint vapor abrasive blasting is ready to assist Property Maintenance Supervisors, Painting Contractors, Designers and home owners in their next projects.

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